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He reminds me of steve young but much bigger. He seems very intelligent and throws with great accuracy. I think he will be great if he winds up with decent coaching. I don't see why he should be compared to Vick or young coming out of college. Cam seems much more intelligent and throws much more accurate passes then either Vick or young In the downside, he has only done it for one year in sr college. Can he keep it up? I think so.
Too low. He's an absolutely transcendent athlete and a pretty accurate passer. He's more accurate than Vick was at the same point in his development. And unlike guys like Mallett or Locker, he's a good decision-maker who isn't going to get himself into trouble with his arm. He's bigger than every LB in football and faster than most of the DBs. He's too rare of an athlete to not go top 5.
Cam Newton will be an epic bust for the ages. Like Ryan Leaf level.
He'll slide up to the top come draft time like they all do.
Cam Newton will be an epic bust for the ages. Like Ryan Leaf level.
Even if he proves that he can't play QB, with his rare blend of size and speed you think he could still be one helluva TE or WR

I'm really high on him. If Saints needed a QB I'd want them to look at him very closely
I don't see it yet. Maybe I will in time. As a running college QB playing in the toughest conference in the country, he has impressed with his size and running ability. He reminds me of Tebow for obvious reasons. But I haven't seen him read/beat any coverage other than man with single high safety. He forces this in college due to his running. It won't be so in the NFL.

I think he is as advanced as Vick was at this point in his career. It took Vick a long while to figure out how to play in this league (which I think he has). Young is having issues, and Tebow is still an unknown. Cunningham was successful, as was Tarkenton but both of those guys were passers first.

The kid could very well be a transcendent player, and I wish him the best of luck. Does he deserve to be a high draft pick? Absolutly. Will he be a sucess in the NFL? We don't know, but the cards are stacked against him. The championship record books aren't exactly littered with run first QB's. At least not for the last 50 years.
i dont think this kid stays a QB in the NFL. i'm sure it will take him a couple seasons just to be able to read base defenses and get the ball out quickly.
And with the way Vince Young is currently turning.

VY started showing signs of his eventual flop early in the NFL when he punched a teammate. Maybe even earlier when he was whining about not winning the heisman. The fact that Cam has shown immaturity at an even earlier stage is a red flag, not to mention serious character concerns. These things seem to impact QBs more for some reason. He'll be a top pick, but he won't amount to anything special in the NFL.

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