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Sep 3, 2002
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...after the Falcons game that everyone is talking about. I checked Fox but can't find it. Any help would be great.
man, the foxsports videos NEVER work for me. they always just skip to the next video, and then the next video, etc. i dont even get to see one second of them.

You must get that fixed! You're missing some great footage bro.
Anyway anyone can post it somewhere (youtube) or are there copyrights involved....J/W
I had trouble using Firefox. Might try IE preferably version 7.0 as MS likes to do stuff that messes with other browsers.
The video you requested is not available. I got this yesterday too.

This is the link, geauxboy: compresses it.

Here's the actual URL query string - kind of long, but if you choose to, you can copy and paste it into your browser's URL address window:
is anyone else having problems with the video loading? it'll play...but i'll only be able to watch a few seconds at a time and then it starts loading again...

it's really aggravating...anyone have a way I can just download it?

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