New Chip Forstall Commercial (1 Viewer)

He's a man of integrity...

He wants to be your attorney...

When it comes to personal injury...

One name stands tall...

Chip Forstall...

Takes care of it all!

The fact that I have the lyrics memorized tells me that this guy will rank right up there with Frankie and Johnnie in terms of being a New Orleans commercial cult legend!
i can sing you the Chip Forstall song too. He has a new one?

ROCK ON PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS!!! that was some of the funniest office work i ever did.
It can't be as cool as Ronnie LaMarque singing "When the Saints go Marching in"...:covri:

Ronnie really needs to come out of his shell...

His singing commercials are the cheesiest, most cringe-inducing ads on TV.
Stephanie Jordan is in the one i just saw. Irma Thomas' ad has been revamped to fit the new rules. In one of his ads, Forstall had the band that played my prom.

i don't understand whether these PI attorneys' egos run away with them or what. i KNOW the tune is catchy, and i KNOW the exposure can bring in a lot of clients.

and arguably these guys never wanna see the inside of a courtroom, because the 45% is not worth the work involved. they want to work out a settlement and take their 33% to their girlfriend.

But how does everyone in a courtroom/deposition/arbitration take a singing dancing bulldog plaintiff attorney seriously?
Chip Cue Ball.....chases ambulances and all...

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