New Rocky VI Trailer. (1 Viewer)

Ahhh, that explains all of the "Rocky" reruns on t.v. as of late.

The Rocky movies were definitely the best performances Sly Stallone put out IMO.
i can't imagine why I would even think about watching that movie......let alone why a bunch of executives would sign off on FUNDING the making of this movie.....oh, wait, I know.....because the American public will watch anything once you slap a brand on it.
I don't see how this is even possible. Stallone is like 60 something, where is he going to fight in a retirement home. This is beyond believable.
next thing you know Rambo will come out of retirement as well.
next thing you know Rambo will come out of retirement as well.

That's actually Stallone's next project. Seriously, he's going to get to work on a new Rambo movie. I can't remember where I saw that but it wasn't too long ago.
you know i like the rocky movies as a kid growing up . i hated the last one they made however i realy look forward to seeing this one.
I never saw the last one, the first few were pretty good though. Just don't like people ruining a good thing by trying to milk money out of it.
I'm holding out for Rhinestone II.

Hahaha. You're by yourself on that one I'm afriad.

Seriously though, yall saw my Halloween costume. I'm a Rocky enthusiast through and through, and I've been waiting for December 22nd (opening day) since I was 5, literally.
Yeah, I posted this trailer on here about a week ago. I can't wait. Rocky is one of my all time favorite series. I will finally be able to see it in a theater. I can't wait for that experience. Go Rocky, and if anyone is wondering, that girl in the car with Rocky is the girl that played Marie in the first movie. The girl Rocky walked home.
I'll wait until after the first week or 2. If it gets panned, then I'll just wait for the DVD...if it get's good reviews from the dotless one I will go see it.
Here's the latest trailer.

Early reviews have been quite good. People lucky enough to see it say that it is very character driven, almost to the point of Rocky 1

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