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Jul 12, 1998
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I am taking the family to New York City on vacation (our first trip to the big apple). The Jets will be playing a home game the weekend we will be there. Do any of you know if scalpers sell tickets at the stadium? Also if any one has some suggestions of don't miss sites please send those suggestions. Thanks.
If you've got kids, then the Toys-R-Us in Times Square is pretty fun. So's the Natural History Museum and Hayden Planetarium. Times Square is a lot cleaner than it used to be.
if you get a chance,go to the carnige deli...just be prepared to order once you pull your ticket..they dont like indecision....go figure,new yorkers
Don't waste a day going to the Meadowlands to watch the Jets. So much more to do in NYC than that. If you want a sports visit, do the Knicks at MSG or see if they Yankees give tours of Yankee Stadium.
stay in NYC and tour. The meadowlands for one is a pain to get to if u dont have a car up there and that taxi cab fare would kill u to get there. There is so much to do in NYC. Enjoy
Jets games are miserable. But if you go, be sure not to wear gear from the opposing team.

As far as New York goes, there are too many excellent restaurants to suggest. It's hard to go wrong, unless you fall into the tourist traps. for the most part stay away from midtown unless you need to (but there are some good ones there, too). fodor's has some good suggestions
Thanks for all the great suggestions. I have four children ages 1, 10, 15, 18. I am scratching the Jets game. If there are any other tourist locations to avoid please advise. We will be staying for seven days during the Thanksgiving holidays, and will be watching the Macy's parade. Of course we will visit the Statute Of Liberty, 911 site, Central Park, etc.. My daughter, the 18 year old wants to see sites from Seinfield.
That's good at night you can go out to eat at the resteraunts but in the day time for lunch there's is usually a deli, pizza etc etc on every corner so trust me it'll be perfect for your kids, you can just grab something and eat it right on the street.....But NY is such a massive city, when you get there you can't believe how big it is...I LOVE NY, I could definitely live there if I had a choice....I'm a city guy anyway.....
If you like Italian, be sure to go to Little Italy. Just about every restraunt is good there.
If you go to the Natural History Museum & Planetarium (fantastic), you are near Zabar's at 80th and Broadway, a great gourmet food store but very crowded. You can get a discounted Zagat guide for restaurants there. That's the Upper West Side, which I call "Seinfeld" territory, probably our favorite part of the city. The Zagat guide will give you lots of restaurant recommendations.
The thing is that Manhattan is so vast and so overwhelmingly varied in its attractions that it's hard to know where to start. You should probably figure out what you do based on where you're staying. Almost anywhere in New York City, there's something going on. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money :eek: :omg2:
Is the Statue of Liberty open yet? I thought it was closed in fear of terrorist attacks. It's probably better to just take the Staten Island ferry to get a look. Also check out D.U.M.B.O. and Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn. There's an amazing view of downtown, New Jersey, Govenor's Island and the Statue of Liberty from the promonad in Brooklyn Heights. There are also some of the most amazing brownstones in that neighborhood, it is the neighborhood the Cosby's lived in the Cosby Show. Although the real brownstone used for the exterior shot of Bill Cosby's house in on LeRoy b/w 7th & Hudson in the West Village. Across the street is a baseball field and swimming pool. The swimming pool scene from Raging Bull was shot there.

If you go to Brooklyn Heights try to eat at Grimaldi's Pizza. Some of the best pizza in the world. There will be a line to get in, but the pizza is worth the wait and you can look at all the pictures of celebs who's eaten there on the wall. If you don't go there, try Lombardi's in Little Italy. It's the original pizza. You might also want to go out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, also design by Olmsted whom design Central Park. There's a very cool botanical garden in Prospect park.

If you have any interest in art or museums, the MET is always good to visit. Someone mentioned the Natural History Museum. It's worth seeing. The Whiteny is also having an exhibit on Picasso and 10 American artists influenced by Picasso. The MOMA is another museum to see. On Fridays it's free after 4PM. Although it will most likely be packed the day after Thanksgiving.

If you plan to use the subway a lot, buy a weekly unlimited card for each person. You'll end up saving a lot.

The Seinfeld diner is on Broadway close to Columbia U.
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Thanks to everyone for the insight. It will be very helpful. I will make it to Grimaldi's and Lombardi's we all wanted to taste the world famous New York Pizza we hear so much about. Is the subway the recommended means of travel? We have a rental car for the week. Also what about Coney Island is it worth a visit?
If you are staying in the city, there is no need for a car. It's very expensive to park in Manhattan. I take the subway, as do 5 to 7 million other people, everyday and find it convenient most of the time. Although on the weekends there can be delays or detours. Those detours rarely affect trains in Manhattan though. If you are staying in Manhattan, you'll likely walk a lot also. And there is never a shortage of cabs either.

If you have the time, Coney Island is worth visiting.

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