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Nov 7, 2002
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St Pete, FL
*Assumes Seattle victory Monday Night over Raiders

(Conf. record in parenthesis)
Division Leaders:
Bears 7-1 (3-0)
Giants 6-2 (5-1)
Saints 6-2 (5-1)
Seahawks 5-3 (4-2)

Falcons 5-3 (3-3)
Vikings 4-4 (5-2)
Rams 4-4 (3-2)
Eagles 4-4 (3-3)
Cowboys 4-4 (2-3)
Panthers 4-4 (2-3)
49ers 3-5 (2-3)
Packers 3-5 (2-4)
Reskins 3-5 (1-3)

Out of it:
Lions 2-6 (1-5)
Bucs 2-6 (1-5)
Cardinals 1-7 (1-5)
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Chicago has a difficult stretch coming up too. They will be at the Giants and Patriots.
Guys, if we play the Vikes in the playoffs, we have a battle on our hands. I rather play the Birds then them, the Vikes are deceptively good and can be good if they know what their doing with Brad Johnson.
I didn't know the 49ers already lost to the Vikings:confused:
raiders have a great chance of beating the seahawks...
a saints win and a giants win next week puts us in a tie for top of the nfc.
I'd rather put my energy on next week's game... I mean they are still the Superbowl champs even though they are stinking up the field.

Lets take this one game at a time...

I love this smiley... :elefant:
6-2 at the halfway point and the division lead. Who expected this preseason? Who Dat baby!
a saints win and a giants win next week puts us in a tie for top of the nfc.


Saints and the Giants get a first round bye! :9:
We play each other. So we get our chance to get ahead of them for good.


So, are we talking homefield advantage throughout the playoffs!?!?! :spit:

I'll take it! :9:
It's nice to see this team so well rounded. Sure we give up the occasional big play on defense but for the whole game we are pretty stout. I am liking the direction that Payton has this team going in. Go Saints.

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