NFL bans Mardi Gras Port-a-potties??? (1 Viewer)


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Nov 14, 2002
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Hammond via Uptown
According to this article they have.
When Worlds Collide

"When I made it to the parade route and went to use the porta-potties that are always there I noted that there were none. I was rather surprised as this is the first time in the few years I have been shooting Mardi Gras that there were no porta-potties. Checking in with one of the city workers I was informed that the NFL said they couldn’t have any porta-potties until after the Superbowl."

I find that hard to believe. Anyone know anything about this?

Oh yes, he also saw Sean Payton at Saints Headquarters.
Aint no place to pee on super bowl day!!!! Super bowl day!!!!
That is so typically outrageous. How does the NFL get away with telling the City of New Orleans what it can and cannot do? Mardi Gras is a fact of life and a vital and integral part of the culture of the city. It's as though the NFL holds the city hostage: no negative comments or demonstrations against the commissioner--or New Orleans might not get another superbowl. No porta potties for Mardi Gras parades. It's a form of extortion.

I can understand the "Let's get beyond this, and let's show the NFL officials some hospitality." I get that. But Mardi Gras has NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING to do with the NFL. Is the next step banning Saints' regalia and Free Sean Payton t-shirts? Sickening. Someone with a medical condition affected by this should sue.
City council should hand out adult diapers with Goodells face on it . There would be a huge demand.
what the............just..............i mean...........

Who uses the portapotties anyway? We only use them when their ours rented for endymion. Otherwise, there is always someone's house nearby or two cars to duck off between.

Still, screw the NFL.
Mardi Gras is infinitely bigger than the Superbowl...and the NFL for that matter....

Let's put some "Serve this Man Here" signs on the pot-o-golds.....
If this is true it really really ticks me off.
Hope the cops bust some NFL types whizzing...
Although I don't understand most of what the NFL does, I can understand this. Probably for security reasons. Worried about someone planting a bomb in one of them.


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