NFL NFL planning “top-down review” of officiating & loving cheese (1 Viewer)

I love a good variety of cheese. NFL cheese is another story. Does anyone have faith the NFL intends to address the issues?

The XFL is supposed to be using the AAF’s Sky Judge so if that’s successful I can see them adopting that.

We've been down this road.
They review the officiating every year at the end of the year. Perhaps while they are at it, the GodDevil can do a personal review of the Office of the Commissioner.
corruption tends to ooze down from the top, and there's never been accountability anyway, so why bother
This is from December and I think, even as divided as this board may be right now, that we can all agree that Goodell is as inept in his job as Riveron is at his and nothing significant will happen.

Unless god forbid one of the favorite teams like Green Bay or San Fran gets hosed in the playoffs and then the league will be forced to make a move for PR sake.
Propaganda...what this really means is that they will double down on what they are currently doing while saying they're doing the opposite thing. If there is any sort of review, it will be how they can find opportunities to control / influence games instead of making the game's officiating more objective and impartial.

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