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Keep the current NFL uniform rules or be like soccer with uniforms?

  • Keep the current NFL uniform rules?

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  • Change to soccer uniform rules?

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Sep 13, 2011
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Bogotá, Colombia - via - Metairie, LA, USA
So when I read that the NFL may get rid of the 1 helmet rule, it got me thinking about uniforms in other sports.

Over the course of a couple years, there’s not much major uniform mix-up for each team in the NFL. There’s a little more flexibility in the MLB, and then a good amount change in the NBA. Then there’s soccer: they have at least 3 new uniforms per team every single year.
If you’re not familiar w the uniforms in soccer, let me explain a little.

- The home kits are the team colors (usually the most prominent colors on their team’s crest but not always) and many teams have a theme they keep to, like stripes or sleeves being certain colors. Examples: Manchester United always have red shirts and the accents are always black and white, but the shirt print and accents placements and designs change each year.

- The away kits, in recent years at least, are usually a 50/50 mix of somewhat relevant color scheme to their team’s crest colors or a completely random set of colors that has nothing to do w the team’s identity.

- Then the 3rd kit is a complete 100% crap shoot for design and color scheme.

So my question is this....

Would you prefer the way things currently are in the NFL, no helmet changes or uniform changes for at least 5 years, or would you rather be more like soccer when teams can make small or huge changes year to year with a 3rd jersey?
I dont want ads all over the unis like soccer does. That’s disgusting. Knowing the league is all about the dollar I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually happens.
non issue. fans don't determine uniform standards.

and every time the subject is raised the majority here swoop in with "all black!" or "all white!"

I'd prefer a system like the NBA has where they have multiple uni's. It can't hurt heck that means more of us buying more gear.
There was more Alternate uniform flexibility back when the NFL allowed the use of alternate colored Helmets. (which there are rumors the 1 helmet restriction will be lifted in the 2021 season)

I feel like if they go back to allowing multiple Helmet colors, and increasing the Amount of games an Alternate uniform can be worn. I believe it's currently at 3 now. To maybe 5, or 6? You would see a lot more creativity with Throwbacks, and Alternate color set uniforms..
non issue. fans don't determine uniform standards.

and every time the subject is raised the majority here swoop in with "all black!" or "all white!"

You can have all white/black and still have different uniforms every year. Real Madrid is all white but their accents change yearly and depending on their sponsors.

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