NS Will Farrell crashes Seahawks Zoom meeting (2 Viewers)

I really enjoy Will Ferrell movies and some of this SNL stuff but it’s pretty clear that he isn’t as polished on the improv comedy as he was when he was doing it for a living (obviously).
Never understood the love for Will Ferrell.
Man he is terrible lol. They did another Adam Sandler and created 6000 sucky movies with this guy, outside of Step Brothers he is just not funny sorry. He almost ruined The Office which was the funniest show on tv
Will Farrell is hit and miss comedy. This was more of a miss.

Not really sure what the purpose of the joke was supposed to be..... aside from the fact that it was just alltogether not very funny. Let's welcome one of the top Tight Ends of the last few years to our team by jokingly portraying him as a diva and pointing out that he's near the end of his career.
i don't mind will ferrell, but that was not even remotely funny.
My favorite Will Ferrell roles come from his voice acting. MegaMind was his best work...followed by Lego Movie.
I’ve only liked him in Zoolander (barely). Other than that, he’s just a non-funny guy screaming at an audience, essentially playing the same character (with different names) in 95% of his movies. Like I said, I don’t get the love for him. His following has always had me very confused. I do think he is a good actor, but he’s just not funny to me.

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