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Aug 1, 2005
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Jahri Evans starting at RG as a rookie was not expected by anyone. He has started every game and is getting incredibly better every week. He is impressive. He is signed up long term, but we might need to boost that contract a bit.

Picked up Jeff Faine in a draft day trade and he has been a rock in the middle. He gets pushed back on ocassion but he is athletic and strong. I think he's better than Bentley. In fact, I think Bentley was a cancer to our O-Line. Faine was the cure. Signed long term.

Jamar Nesbit, who last year was referred to as a camp body or as purely a back-up. He started the last few games of the year and unseated Montrae Holland in training camp this year at LG. He is easily our best run blocker and is getting better every week in his pass blocking. Plus, he's our back up tackle. We need to sign him long term.

Jamaal Brown has had a couple problems with speed rushers at his new LT position but his athleticism and overall power is coming out more and more. He is a star in the making. His ability to drop down and anchor is simply impressive. Watch him do that sometime. He is signed long term but we do not want to let him go.

Jon Stinchcomb is the biggest surprise of them all. I absolutely loved him coming out of UGA. I projected him to the late 1st round. He spent his first three years in the Haslet doghouse for whatever reason or he was hurt. Talk of his demise was rampant in TC. However, he may be playing better than anyone. He shut down Julius Peppers and he looks like a stud at RT. He can anchor and transition and he uses his hands beautifully. I think he deserves a pro bowl if he continues... We definitely need to sign him long term.

This group is the best group of O-Lineman I have ever seen in Saints uniforms. I remember Jim Dombrowski, Steve Trapillo, Kevin Haverdink, Stan Brock all on the '90 and '91 O-line and that was our best group, 'til now.

Before I get bashed, Willie Roaf is the ALL-TIME greatest Saint o-lineman, but he was never grouped with great talent, except for maybe in 2000, but that wasn't great.

Anyway, I think these guys should all be locked up long term. THey are all young and still getting better.

What do you think?
The OL has been a huge suprise, very nice to see them play this well together.
6 sacks in 6 games and none the past 2 games. Enough said!
Thanks for the in-depth analysis, I can tell they're good, but it's always good to get confirmation from an expert. You coach the O-Line or something, or just a fan of the big fellers?
Thanks for the in-depth analysis, I can tell they're good, but it's always good to get confirmation from an expert. You coach the O-Line or something, or just a fan of the big fellers?

Did some coaching in the past, not I just evaluate... I actually coached RBs and WRs though...
I think they're a good pass blocking line, although most of the credit needs to go to Drew for being so quick with the pass. I don't think they can dig out D-linemen in the run game except for maybe Brown and Evans.

Of course with our new short-passing game, they don't need to be good run blockers.
i think brees bought his line last year 42" plasma screen TVs. i wonder what he'll buy this line.
I think we should run to the left more often than the usual mantra of run to the right (the left-side is usually strong for pass blocking and is more finesse, the right-side is usually strong from run blocking and is more "mauler" mentality) but with the LG Nesbit being a good run blocker and former RT Jamma Brown, maybe running to the left would do us better since probably our two best run blockers are on that side.
a lot is Payton and Brees getting the ball off quick, but they have done well, but I do know why Payton sent Gandy packing, with his play calling our o-line would be fine.
I'm glad to see people starting to give the OL some love. What was supposed to a huge weakness has proven to be a strength. Their play is the second biggest surprise this season (Colston's first). Alot of credit should go to OL Coach Doug Marrone. He's assembled and has them playing like a veteran unit. But the players are the most surprising -

Jamaal Brown - remember all the worry over his move from RT to LT? I do, according to every TC report he was struggling but like everything else this year he has exceeded expectations. He wasn't supposed to be this good, this soon at LT.

Jamar Nesbit - has proven to be the Swiss army knife of O linemen. Last year he acquited himself well at LT in place of the injured Brown. He moved to OG this year and is playing well. He does lack the upside of the rest of the OL but he's playing well enough to keep his job.

Jeff Faine - losing Bentley was supposed to be the disaster the Saints Offense couldn't overcome. The Saints play at Center actually has gotten better with Faine. Bentley was overrated, Faine underrated. If he can stay healthy through the entire 16 game schedule (plus post season games) he'll prove to be a bargain.

Jhari Evans - I completely missed the boat on Evans after the draft. I openly questioned whether the former Div. II OT could make the transition to NFL Guard. Not only could he, he was ready to start. Evans gets stronger and stronger every week. By the end of the season comparsions to Larry Allen will be everywhere.

John Stinchcomb - One of the very few things Haslett got right. Apparently Haslett was not lying when he said Stinchcomb was ready to play before knee injury last year. This year he's shown very solid technique and good footwork. He may never be a overpowering RT but he kills guys with technique. Like everyone else I was surprised by his play but was truly shocked by just how polished he looks. Remember Stinchcomb is basically a rookie starter. Like all out O linemen he'll get better the more he plays....

Finally how about depth? We currently have Zach Streif a late round rookie who impressed in TC, former decent starter at G Montrae Holland, versatile former Jets starter Jon Goodwin, and former Cowboys starter at OT (I know that isn't saying much) Rob Petitti all as backups. Depth, it's a good thing (let's hope we don't ever have to use it).
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Does anyone know how us allowing only 6 sacks for the season compares to the rest of the league?

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