Oklahoman reporter tries to get Hornet player in trouble (1 Viewer)


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Jun 19, 2006
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The "great" Oklahoman sportswriter Darnell Mayberry has a blog on the Hornets in which he posted a private conversation with Hornets guard Bobby Jackson about his $20,000 fine and Bobby repeatedly cursed about the officials and showed his displeasure with the officiating in one of the Hornet's recent games. Darnell repeatedly said in the blog that if the league would find out what Bobby said that he would be fined again and probably for a larger amount of money. This shows what scum the Oklahoman is for putting this on thier website. Bobby intended this conversation to be with him and Mayberry only but Mayberry posted it anyway. If Bobby would find out about this im sure he would be after Mayberry.

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