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Mar 7, 2001
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Okay I really need to hit big this week. Playoffs start next week in my money league.

The top 3 seeds are pretty much set in stone but theres 4 teams tied at 6-6 with me being one of them. I play another 6-6 team so if I win, I'm in, but if not I'll need help. Here are my tough decisions which got compounded now that Ronnie Brown is out.

QB - Jake Delhomme @ Phi, Jon Kitna @ NE, or Trent Green @ Cle

Weather's going to be a factor but all signs point to Delhomme. We torched the Eagles through the air. I'm don't see any way I'm starting Kitna at New England but maybe someone knows something I don't... Any thoughts about Trent Green @ Cle?

RB - Mike Bell v. Sea or Justin Fargas v. Hou

I'm locked in at #1 with Frank Gore. Anyone know the status about Tatum Bell? I figure Shanny will want to run the ball hard to protect Cutler? Fargas is intriguing...he didn't do a half bad job filling in last year and has been right around 15 carries in two starts. He's at home, new offensive coordinator, against a mediocre Houston defense?

TE - Jeremy Shockey v. Dal or Tony Gonzalez @ Cle

Eli is struggling but Gonzo is coming off injury. This is a toss up ot me but I lean to Shockey.

So here's where I'm leaning...

Delhomme @ Phi
Bell v. Sea
Shockey v. Dal

Tatum is back.

Cleveland's run defense is horrible. It will be the Larry Johnson show.

Houston's run D sucks


Good lord, how did you get stuck with Fargas and Mike Bell as your only options?
I am with you on Delhomme, because he needs to perform this week or he will likely be sat! And if you know anything about Jake, this is usually when he performs best. Kitna is solid fantasy-wise, but the Pats Def has been tough. I dont expect too much from Green against Cleveland, at least in terms of passing attempts. He may have a TD or 2, but I dont expect more than 200 yards from him.

Monitor your running backs very carefully! If you can and it isnt too late, go pick up Sammy Morris! Heck, you already have Ronnie Brown, so he should be on your roster. Morris would probably be a better option than the other two. If for some reason it comes out in a report that Mike Bell will see either the majority or even half the carries this week, then I would go with him.

Shockey for sure. Give Gonzo another week.
Well I traded Chester/Rivers to get Torry Holt/Shockey. Then Ronnie Brown got hurt. Morris got snatched up Thanksgiving Day before I could get to a comp. :(

I'm already down 24 to 7...him having Palmer and Mason and me having Balt DEF and Stover scoring zero. I'm going to need a big weekend.
Unbelievable 33 to 8 because of a garbage TD by Mason. Disgusting. I hate FF.

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