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Aug 11, 2002
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This is a competitive team that can hang with any team in the league. It is true that our defense is only average, but even so we have a chance to win every game. They are moments when the defense looks stout and they create havoc for the opposing offense. These guys play with heart and they stay hungry until the end.

Remember that it is turnovers that have cost us almost all of our losses, not the defense. This team will get through this slump and tighten up on the turnovers. I see the Saints making a late run into the playoffs. This is still a young team and these last two weeks may prove to be a critical part of their maturation process.

Enjoy the ride. This season has already exceeded everyone's expectations and this team has a lot left to give. Expect Sean Payton to make the necessary adjustments. Expect a huge game against Atlanta. This season's excitement is about to begin. The Saints will roll. The Saints are coming.
Prophetic? I posted this after the loss to the Bengals. The mood on the forum was all doom and gloom that day. Man it feels good to be spot on. Even if I must say so myself.
I predicted losses to the Steelers and Bengals but thought we would beat the Redskins and lose to the Giants. Unfortunately this was before the B'more game (who I also thought we would beat), so its not in my post history as the board switchover happened after that

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