Peter King Midseason Awards -- Lots of love for the Saints (1 Viewer)

Thought it was great that Jahri Evans got a mention for OROY, #3 behind McNeil and, of course, Colston. Props to King for noticing Evans, even if he apparently didn't watch our game this past Sunday :hihi:
I completely agree. Thought it was pretty impressive to see Jahri mentioned. This draft class is turning into a pretty impressive group.
..."If safety Roman Harper and defensive end Rob Ninkovich hadn't been hurt in the first half, this would be one of the most productive drafts ever in regards to immediate results."

Even with those two out, this draft has to go down as one of the most productive for immediate resluts.

What is up with Peter King? He used to be such a hack. Over the past two years he seems to have put aside his ego and really taken the time to write some great stuff. He seems much more balanced and objective these days.

I would have to throw my vote thus far this year to Peter King as best sports writer of the first half of 2006.
I know this is tacky and obnoxious, but I have to say I've been singing the praises of Evans all year. I think he's as good a rookie as Bentley was. He made the key block--a tough one--on Deuce's run Sunday. He's smart, and he plays like a maniac.
Thank you Mr King! The bandwagon is starting to get overloaded again..
He actually does his research. Probably the only national writer to even know about Harper and Ninko...
This is a great endorsement to the Saints organisation. The best read EVER from a Saints point of view.
I may not have any idea what I'm talking about [insert punch line here], but I also think this is King's best writing year in my memory as far as getting away from some media favorites. I wonder if sitting in the studio and watching 12 games in six hours gives him more balance in his approach than going around the country to one game a week?

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