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Jul 8, 2001
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I am looking at learning to do some photoshop stuff. Any suggestions on the software? Trust buying it on ebay? Need some help from those who know how to use this software. Thx.
i tried it once and didnt have the patience for it it just takes time to mess around with it to get good at it
If you've never used it try the free trial download first. There are lots of books and sites out there, experience is generally the best teacher. If you buy off ebay just do the usual due dilligence and it should go smoothly.
Yes, go with the free trial from Adobe's website...

Once you've played around (and learned a thing or two) with any version of Adobe Photoshop beyond v 5.5, you'll think that it is the greatest (see "powerful") piece of software ever created.

The Adobe Classroom In A Book series is very good for learning the basics as well as more advanced scenarios. There are also several good sites online for those looking for Photoshop tips/help. Let Google be your friend!
Another option (also on Adobe's website) is Photoshop Elements (there's a free trial for that as well) which has many of Photoshop's powerful features, without the unused complex commands, etc.

I guess it all depends on what you want to do. Good luck. :D

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