Place to watch Tampa game in Mobile? (1 Viewer)

Craig Walker

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Mar 14, 2006
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My wife has to take a test in Mobile Sunday......where's a good place to watch the game?

Don't mind a sports-bar/rest. type, but smoke kills my sinuses, so I'd prefer to stay away from that.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.
Mellow Mushroom on Old Shell & University?

The Hole & the Red Lion are both long gone :hihi:
if you were a little further west i'd tell you to come over.... lol. I'm sure though that they'll be a few places in town.....

heres a bump for ya..... maybe someone else will give a few more places.
Butch Cassidy's off Old Shell Rd. in midtown. They have execellent burgers.
hooters is always reliable for a place to watch the game- and it probably wouldn't be that smokey.
Buch's isn't open on Sundays, but they definitely have the best burgers in Mobile. And wings!
>> Place to watch Tampa game in Mobile

I'd say on television. :shrug:


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