Political Perspectives: Illusion V. Reality In New Orleans (1 Viewer)

That guy is all over the place. One sentence is about Hollywood, the next is Katrina, the next is the latest OJ drama. That writer must have a very short term memory or something.
Which is ironic since the point of the article is that people get too easily distracted by OJ and Tom Cruise type news.
...the state is financially strapped...

um, we have a $800+ million dollar surplus.

So has it come to this -- the triumph of the politics of "bread and circuses"?That didn't solve the problems of the Roman Empire centuries ago.

I've been saying this for years.
What sickens me is that same "two americas" crap suggesting the primary victims of Katrina were only the poor. This is the same unintelligent dribble that we heard right after Katrina from national reporters who knew nothing of our city's demographics or geography. They see 2 cities, a rich white french quarter and the rest as poor black destroyed areas. Of course, locals should know the reality of destruction was only about location and elevation. (Many poorer areas in uptown near the river did fine, while plenty of wealthier areas near the lake were destroyed.) However that doesn't fit into their preconceptions. So, we won't hear that, or that the demographics of destruction in city were pretty consistent with demogrpahics of the city, or that many middle class and upper middle class neighborhoods are still just as destroyed as the other areas.
You're absolutely correct jimnola. But what do you expect out of a report from LA and not the Louisiana variety of LA? Hey, at least someone is still trying to keep Katrina on people's mind instead of focusing on Tom-Kat.
True. I just wish national media didn't always make this a divisive, race issue. Everybody in LA who got screwed due to Corps of Enginneers, et al ,deserves not to be forgotten regardless of race, income, gender, parish etc.

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