Poor Lil Deion Sanders (1 Viewer)


Mar 11, 2002
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My mom use to say to me " if you can't say nothing good, don't say nothing at all." Deion appears to have taken my moms advice. The lil fellow can't seem to open his mouth when it comes to the Saints. I remember him saying to the top of his voice, "that the Saints I know," now he talks about the loser of the game instead of what the winner did to the losing team. Way to go you lil peanut head.
I just wish he would come out of retirement. Michael Irvin too. Anything to get them out of the booth. They are both idiots, who should not be in front of a camera.
Irvin I can stand, at least he gives the Saints credit. Just last night he was asked "If you had to pick one NFC QB to win a big game who would it be?" The ESPN answer was supposed to be Brett Farve (Farve was playing MNF, All the other talking heads picked Farve). Irvin flatly stated "Drew Brees". He didn't suck up just because Farve was playing (and losing) on ESPN.

Sanders on the other hand, openly hates the Saints. He makes no attempt to hide the fact. He cheers our team's opponents. When he's reviewing games he dicusses how the other team lost the game rather that what the Saints did to win it. He never mentions Saints players as among the best in the league. I cannot stand Sanders.......
I remember Sanders coming to Tulsa a few years back. He exited the plane with a purple suede suit on and a purple pimp hat. He was hear for some kind of religous deal.

What a doof.... (for the purple suit and ignorant comments... not his religous beliefs)
I wonder if Sanders ever got the word from God that the price for repairs on his car was ok? He talks so much, he should have played for Miami, not State.

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