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Sep 20, 2008
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Another big win... Feels even better to get it in ATL. The Who Dat nation was loud and proud again. We expect nothing less. Thanks everyone!

Feels great to have gotten the win and locked up a spot in the playoffs tonight. Awesome team win. #whodat

Like we do about this time, all we do is win, win, win, matter what! Home or away, the dirty birds can't see the WHO DAT nation!

INDIVIDUALS talk...a TEAM lets their play do the talking as one...WHO DAT Nation 2nite that point was proven.

O and I definitely can't forgot about the super loud saints fans that were at the game tonight. U all have our backs like none other.

One play ruined my night! Thankfully we found a way to get it done!

Now that I got that off my chest! So much for that super bowl hangover Thing! We back in the playoffs. #whodat

, @j_bushrod7475 said: Way to get outta that place wit a W... Wasn't easy... Mistakes were made starting with myself... Gotta get better n learn from it... Thanks #whodats for the SUPPORT!!!

What a game! That's how u go into a hostile environment and win a football game! Playoff bound and with a little luck a #1 seed! Who Dat!

I'm proud of my boys tonight. Big time win. #whodatnation

The #whodatnation made it feel like we were at OUR dome. Thanks fan for reppin really hard tonight.
like D Sharp said "win win win no matter what"

At this time of the year winning is most important, we just beat a lucky, ball bounce there way team, at their place........and did it in the 4th quarter after giving up two turnovers in that same quarter....basically when it came down to crunch time WE GOT IT DONE...and that is what a championship caliber team does...

I'm also with Goodwin, so much for the hangover, making the playoffs and being a contender for the Superbowl is an accomplishment in and of itself.....NOBODY can say this team was a FLUKE....If we;re a fluke then what does that make the last two Superbowl winner's the Gaints and the Steelers?????

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