Post your Saints Christmas stuff here: (1 Viewer)

I bought this framed poster for my game buddy. She loved it!

I'll post pics later but i racked up on saints gifts this year for xmas (also my birthday)

Saints black and gold US flag with the fleur de lis instead of stars
Hey Shockey A Way tshirt
throwback saints tshirt with #8 manning
Tiffanys paper weight thats a crystal football from our superbowl
Saints coaster with a pic of the superbowl ring
Ok, I don't know how to post pics from an iPhone, but I racked up this year! I finally got both Drew and Seans books! I also got a white Brees jersey and my sister personally crocheted me an KSU blanket (Purple and old Gold) just like I wanted!
We haven't opened gifts yet, but I know i'm getting some stuff, because I saw it sitting on the table when I came in 'accidentally' one day last week.

Will post later with updates....

Saints shirt
World Champs book
Mini Reggie Bush Mcfarlane
Fox Sports Saints robot
Leather Saints jacket
Saints watch
Saints snuggie
Brees McFarlane
"From Bags to Riches" book
NFL Shop gift card for my next jersey

Grown men talking about snuggies....

I never thought I'd ever see grown men talking about how they got's sad...

PS....I am enjoying my new Saints Snuggie also....

No pics...but I also got a Saints ornament for the tree, and some black and gold brick candy.

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