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I dont think recievers are even close to even but the rest looks pretty close to being right.

Horn(381yds)/Mason(310yds) = Horn
Colston(414)/Clayton(287) = Colston
Bush(285)/Heap(235) = Bush

Our #2 reciever has more yards than their #1. I thinnk the Saints definitely have the advantage there.
Quarterback: New Orleans;
* Agreed - Brees is head and shoulders over McNair at this stage in their careers.
Running back: New Orleans;
* Agree to a point, I would say even w/ a minimal edge to the Saints. I think this is more of a draw. Baltimore has some awesome North-South RB's
Receivers: Even;
* I think the Saints have the edge here. More weapones, better weapons. Our RB's are much better recievers.
Offensive line: New Orleans;
* Depends - The Baltimore OL is a big "lean-on-you" type. They will find more success as the game goes on. I fear their running game in the second half. Saints OL should give Brees enough time to throw, but they have had problems opening holes for our RB's.
Defensive line: New Orleans;
* Disagree - Baltimore has a much better run DL. I think Brees quick-release will make some of the difference negligible.
Linebackers: Ravens;
* Agreed - Saints need to attack this area and get behind the LB's. I think that Brees-Bush and Brees-Colston will be the answer to this game.
Secondary: Ravens;
* Agreed - The Saints are not bad in this area, but the Ravens have some of the best DB's in football. The Saints have given up some big plays in recent games and need the DL to step up and put pressure on McNabb to force errors.
Special teams: Even.
* Disagree - Saint ST's have been darn good all year. Ravens ST's have been rather inconsistent.

The author gives the Saints the edge 4-2-2.

I see it 3-3-2.
This game will totally be won or loss by how the OL-DL matchup plays out.
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