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I remember that. But now I'm literally giggling with excitement for Deuce at this point in time, on this team, for this weekend during this year. I'm really hoping, and becoming more and more confident, that this will be a special year. It will be a time to remember. And Deuce, in the end, will have been a big part of that.
Save it before its deleted for copyright enfringment...
they played that a couple years ago before a monday night game we had, or was it a sunday night game... anyways in the pregame there was alot of talk about him and they showed that video... if i remember right...
that one is awesome !! I think it was on a Sunday or Monday night game !! I remembered watching and being pumped up !!!!!

He's such a classy and low profile player, u really gotta love him !!

PS/ just watched that video 4 times in a row and I cant wait for tommoz !
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