Record and Turnover Ratio (1 Viewer)

Aug 19, 2001
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Austin, TX
Team Record Turnover Ratio

Colts 9-0 +8
Bears 8-1 +7
Ravens 7-2 +13
Broncos 7-2 +3
Chargers 7-2 +9
Saints 6-3 -6
Seahawks 6-3 -3
Giants 6-3 +1
Patriots 6-3 +2
Eagles 5-4 +2
Cowboys 5-4 +4
Falcons 5-4 +5
Panthers 5-4 0
Jets 5-4 +1
Jaguars 5-4 +1
Steelers 3-6 -8

I've been thinking about turnover ratios ever since the announcers talked so much about the Steelers and why they were loosing was the turnovers. So I made the table above. With a 6-3 record we're only 2 turnovers away from the Steelers (given, we gave them 3 last weekend so the gap was significantly larger before the game). It's also interesting I think that among all teams with winning records, only 2 have a negative turnover ratio and we have the worst by far.

Not sure if there is any conclusions to form this. I'm glad our team is good enough to stay competitive. Guess you can criticize the defense for not creating turnovers or praise them for keeping us in the games even with a bad turnover ratio.
Nice job. I had wondered how this would look.
if we can get the turnover thing under control... We will make a run...If we cannot get it under control it will eventually catch up with us
Our turnover ratio (-6) is high because we only have 10 takeaways. We ranks almost last in the NFL in takeaways. Some of the other teams are right along with us in turnovers, but they have more takeaways to help balance it out.

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