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"[FONT=Arial, Helvetica] We probably should have just played straight-up football instead of trying those tricks early. But we got caught on it. We didn't play like we normally do and we need to regain that this week."

That's nothing that Payton didn't say himself earlier this week...
payton said that they were trying to be too "cute" . Reggie is a good guy with alot of talent. It's too bad for him that he is the media darling that everyone is head huntin' They (other teams) will forget about and he is going to have a good career. I don't know if he will ever be carrying a team but he can always be a playmaker
I think he is just stating his opinion. No where did he mention coach payton. If he had actually mentioned his name then there would be something to worry about.
I don't think he called out Payton and his playcalling, he just said what happened.
He is probably stating the general consensus that most fans, players and coaches all feel, even Payton himself.
A player should be an extension of the coach. Coach said it was a bad time to call the play and they were being too cute, Reggie said it was a bad time and they should have just played football. Sounds like Payton has the players understanding what he wants to do and what went wrong. Good read BTW.
payton, said on Sirius Radio Monday that his play calling wasn't what it should have been and they made a mistake trying that trick pass in the red zone

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