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Sep 2, 2003
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Its a no brainer the safety position is killing this team with their play BUT maybe the biggest lack is a safety who receivers will fear taking a hit from. Saints desperately are lacking the safety who will lay a lick on a receiver. This just makes the receivers feel that much more comfortable running routes across the middle of the field. Look back to how often the saints give up big completions in the middle of the field vs on the sides.
we are lacking safeties who will play the deep pass. our safeties are too willing to play the run that we are getting beat deep all the time. laying a lick on the recievers is not an issue with this group, if that was the case, we would have a lot of missed tackles, but were aren't that fortunate. instead, the other team just waltzes in the endzone, faking a hammie injury, untouched.
yeah, it almost makes you wish that we had grabbed a huge number of safeties (7 or 8 maybe) in preseason and picked the best from that group

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