Saints are the new EAGLES. (1 Viewer)

Maybe we don't have a good enough o line to run the ball. Maybe Brees wants to pass more. Maybe Deuce and Reggie want to pass more, Who knows but I do see your point.
funny, I was just comparing them to the 2005 Cardinals. #1 passing offense, can't establish a running game, defense gives up big plays and we turn the ball over.
I agree the O-Line is alot better in pass protection then blowing people off the ball as needed for the run game...I feel we just forget about the running game especially down in the redzone...I just wish we would force the issue with the run closer to the goaline then forcing the ball and getting int's...No complaining just wish we could play smarter...I love this offense and just want to see them WIN
The 2006 saints are the 2006 saints. We've overachieved to this point and injuries/mistakes are catching up to us. It's not over by any means. We'll win if we minimize errors and play smart ball.

This off season we address some CB/LB/TE needs, get Roman Harper back, sign our core free agents back and hope Reggie learned something this year. The Panthers are media darlings for a reason: they win. When we're winning we get a lot of publicity too.

As for the Eagles comparison..... at least we don't have a qb puking all over the sidelines.
So since were the new Eagles we get to go to 3 staight NFC title games and the SB now?

We have a few ex-eagles on the team
Off hand Hollis, Simoneau and M. Lewis
Did not know that........thanks for setting me straight

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