Saints/Falcons to be shown in 57% of Country Sunday (1 Viewer)

We got it on over here as well. Cant wait.

Do you think it will be shown in Scotland as well there mate?

Nothing like watching the SAINTS down Glasgow way!

And where might you be watching the game yourself now laddie? At home on the DirecTV Sat feed or do you get it over the air or cable?
Ireland and Scotland? That's awesome that there are Saints fans all the way there.
The Falcons game will also be shown i Denmark !!! At that makes it the fourth time this season the saints is a dansih television... WOW :)
I am in utter shock. I guess the Vick versus Bush "matchup" was persuasive. The Saints need to win to prove that the Monday night game was no fluke, not to mention sweeping the Falcons and keeping pace with Carolina.

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