Saints/Giants moved to 3pm (1 Viewer)

Good... I have tickets to that game but am driving from the D.C. area. Gives me extra time!
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YES! I have to work that day, and now I will be off in time to see it.
saints-giants at 3pm means they are still saving our new years eve game for nighttime. yes! book your reservations now, before the prices go sky high. you can always cancel three days in advance, most places.
Kind of surprised at that. There is no flex game that day, I assumed all east coast games would be noon (central time) kickoffs.
has that time change for the saints-giants game been confirmed? it IS christmas eve, after all. what's so funny is my sister in law is all set to serve dinner at 10-11am (it was either that or have the bunch of us spend the night if we ate at 4pm) because our entire family is set to watch the game over there. i guess we'll be able to eat at noon like normal people, than hightail it outta there to be back home in time. she can't win. BUT WE CAN! GO SAINTS!
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We'll end up with the team of Buck/Aikman for that game.
Can the Saints call the Giants' game a home game again? hmm....
i actually can listen to Buck and Aikman. THeyre not nearly as bad as some of the alternatives. Although it doesnt matter, i still "turn down the TV and turn up the radio!"
I think got it wrong. Looking at and the giants website, the game is still listed as kickoff for noon. However, Fox did announce that the Dec. 3 game has been moved to the 3 pm kickoff.
Everytime Buck and Aikman call our games we lose. And I just plain old hate Joe Buck. Jeesbus that guy needs to stick to baseball. He is freaking annoying.
I know that these late starts are well liked by our west coast Saints fans and alot of others for various reasons. Myself, I really hate it. But it is a sign of respect, so I'll take that as the positive of the story.

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