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Jul 30, 2010
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South Mississippi
Stupid question, but I am new to this droid technology. What is the best way to browse Saints Report via droid phone? Is there an App or just search using the browser?
Not sure if this a vbulletin forum but there is supposedly a new app that supports vbulletin that supposedly has a better interface than tapatalk.
I have an Evo. I just view it like I do on pc. Posting from my evo now.
I bungled an earlier post from my iPad through the browser. This is from tapatalk on my iPhone which works great.
Tapatalk but I would be on alot more if there was a better mobile site or app to make the interface more friendly.
what exactly does tapatalk do? I seem to do fine just using the browser. Should I change?
I use the Bolt browser on my BB Torch. Set the default font a little larger and browsing this site is great.
BBfoc and Forum Runner are alternatives. Trying both out now...

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