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Feb 24, 2002
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Gonzales, LA
Saints wanted Romo

Prior to getting Bress Payton made a play for Romo. Parcells shut it down, reported on NFL countdown my Mort.
per Chris Mortenson on ESPN Countdown...

since Payton knew him and was his pupil, he wanted to sign him this off-season in-case the saints didnt get to sign brees or another QB, but it didnt even matter cause parcells rebuffed the saints from doing so.

i had a feeling that payton wanted this guy this off-season either as a backup or starter well since he was his student...interesting though.
Im happy it was shutdown Romo is overrated and I would not want him as a starter if that was what he was trying to do
It is interesting though that they were implying that Payton's personnel evaluation adds some credibility to the decision to start Romo.
It actually makes sense, given Payton's history of picking up ex-Cowboys, but its probably just an educated guess.
A Cowboys fan up here in DFW told me that the other day. I just figured it was just some old news that I missed. If Payton wanted him (presumably as a backup), I trust he knew that Romo has some promise. But I'm not too unhappy with how things turned out.

In any case, here's hoping that Romo has a great game today.
Today is not the day to bag Romo. We need him to throw 4 TDs against the Panthers.

You can bag him tomorrow.

What we need today is for Julius Jones to have another signature game against Carolina, like he had last year (180+ rushing yards). That would go a long way in helping Romo's chances to guide Dallas in an upset win over Carolina.
wow! i hadnt seen this before, imagine that for one second
that was known along time ago... before the season started it came out... i still rather Bress than romo... you see what our player terrance CRAPPER from Dallas is doing for us he i rather him drop the pass then catch it because when he catches it he fumbles... it they tap his arm

All in all things have turned out well for us (except the two ints in the endzone vs the Bengals). But I hadn't seen this thread before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

It does make you wonder........
If Brees would of went to Miami, I would of rathered Tomo than McCown who was next in line.
Im happy it was shutdown Romo is overrated and I would not want him as a starter if that was what he was trying to do

Rank QB Team Yards Comp Att TD INT Long Rating

1 Peyton Manning IND 2781 359 230 20 5 51 100.5
2 Tony Romo DAL 1350 151 103 8 5 53 100.0
7 Drew Brees NO 3114 383 254 17 10 86 95.1

I am attempting to be a pseudo-Devil's advocate here. I'm 100% for Drew Brees. I WANT him as the Saints QB. However, are you seriously trying to claim that Romo is not doing well? He's 3-1 in addition to those stats, with the one loss coming on a terribly botched field goal... damn near historically botched, frankly.

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