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Jul 7, 2018
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New York
I’ve got to say, the saints secondary is looking like a nightmare for opposing offenses next year. Bring on the Bucs and Tom Brady. You have to believe Lattimore has his best year with the potential extension looming after next year so he’ll likely be full speed ahead. That alone is scary.

We have Marcus Williams who is excellent on the back end (and rated highly by pff if you believe in that). Manning the other safety spot will likely be Malcolm Jenkins, who has been excellent the past 6 yrs and will bring leadership/veteran presence to the secondary. His coverage will bring leaps and bounds improvement over Bell’s abilities.

Rounding out the corner spot is Janoris Jenkins who I thought played better than Apple last year.

And that brings me to my favorite firecracker, CGJ. Loved him out of college, we basically stole him in the 4th. Pff had some interesting things to say:

I love the talent (Madden ratings like bclemms said), but I need to see it. Lattimore is amazing, but inconsistent as heck. Janoris is a pretty big ? right now as well, but for different reasons. CGJ and Malcom both bring great versatility and that is fantastic against teams with elite RB’s & TE’s. But M. Williams? Talented, yes. Prone to game losing errors? Also yes.
Again, I need to see it to believe it, because on paper, this starting 11 is pretty dang good.
Need depth at Outside Boundary Corner.

If Marshon, or Janoris get dinged up and miss anytime we are looking mighty thin on the boundary,
I think the "Jenkins brothers" will upgrade our coverage and add some needed vet knowledge. It could really make the difference in those inconsistencies.

I do think there will be a loss in the downhill game. Run plays and those extended handoffs in the flats or sweeps.

We are also obviously trading out youth. We'll hopefully start bringing in some young guys to work up.

Ultimately I'm excited about it. I like the approach of focusing on the passing game more. Give that d-line another second to eat. Hopefully they get a good offseason to gel.
The reason they signed Jenkins was to get some semblance of order and brains in the secondary and end the keystone cops coverage. There is younger talent that needs to be coached and aligned on the field properly and adjusted in coverages and audibles, these last second miracle drives at the end of regulation need to stop. More consistency , smarter play from the secondary as a whole was the goal with the signing and it looks to be a good one.
Now is the time for capitalize on being the team to win the most games over the past three years and get some of those guys in the secondary who didn’t get the big deal they wanted. Have the. come play for us, be seen on national television, win games and try again to cash in next season. This is the 2nd and 3rd wave of free agency.
Need depth at Outside Boundary Corner.

If Marshon, or Janoris get dinged up and miss anytime we are looking mighty thin on the boundary,
I always take That big kid from Iowa Michael Ojemudia in all the fanspeak simulations.

He would be a good get in rd 3-4.
Still a lot depending on our health and we need CB depth. But I too am excited to see CGJ in another season.
For sure. not a team in the league couldn’t use quality depth at CB or OL right now. Both are bountiful in the draft this yr so we’ll likely spend a pick on those areas.
I have to ask...No hate here, but what actually needs to occur for you or anyone to finally accept that Marcus WIlliams isn't a good safety?
For real? Everything leans towards him being a great safety (statistics, pff, in game play). Why don’t you give us something solid on why he isn’t.

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