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Mar 25, 2005
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how is it that at a foot ball game noone wants to get up and be section 603 me and my brother are the only ones standing trying to get everyone but noone wants to.then on top of that we were asked to sit down twice,me and my brother stand for the entire game and i dont see how anyone can be mad at us for that.i dont care if your young old ar whatever,this is i wrong in my thinking or should these other people start thinking like me and my brother.
next home game i know youll be busy cheering but look at 603 and watch the two guys standing up thats me and my brother and watch us trying so hard to get every body standing and nobody in sec. 603 row 15 seats 13 and 14....nobody but us is standing
we looked at that sec. but couldnt tell why cops were there.please dont avoid us help me and my brother get people loud.we try and every once and a while we get alot of people up but for the most part they look at us like were stupid and i hate that if i could sit by someone on here that will be loud with us ill do it because i am fed up with 603....we were loud for the falcons game but since then its been very very least by my the way ive had these seats since 2003 and ive never seen a worse crowd here than now.please help

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