Some punk on the 49er board was advocating.. (1 Viewer)

For once.....the whiner fans are afraid of the Saints.

This should be a huge statement game for the Saints. In no way do I see this team dropping 3 in a row at home.
I don't worry about Brees, If he gets hurt (pray he doesn't) we have Martin which is a very good QB.
that's an awesome pic by the way there!! dome sweet dome


It's just a bunch of cowards trying to make the best of a bad situation We are going to walk all over the niners. they better be scared, with Brees and all our weapons. It's going to be like opening up a can of Whip-A**:worthy:
It's funny what a week will do......before last Sunday Niner fans were talkling about the playoffs and how they had legitimate shot at betaing the Saints in the Dome. One week later.... intentionally injuring Brees or the "any given Sunday" rule now is their hope. I will always hate the Niners and hope the Saints kick the crap out of them.....
I like the post that says:
I'm not sure if the pass is such a concern, since their rookie wideout has been injured

That guy's been paying attention, hasn't he...
i must say that i have advocated the breaking of mike vick's knees....but he is a falcon, so that's ok:hihi:
The funniest part is that they want to go after the body part that wasn't even the injured one.


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