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Mar 15, 2006
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Austin TX
1) What do you guys see as our needs for next season? LB is still a need and a true shutdown corner, with ColstonRapidly becoming the #1 reciever and Horn getting up in age we need to look to the future at WR and draft a #2 guy there. Tight end could stand and upgrade and O line depth needs to be upgraded. If Stinchcomb leaves especially. If they are unable to resign Charles Grant then they need to address that as well.

2) How would you address those needs or any additional needs that you feel need addressing? I have always liked the idea of building an offense though the draft an defense via free agency.

Corner- imediate impact is needed so best available FA
Linebacker- Fujita is Solid outside but I still think that we need help in the middle I am not sure how strong the upcoming draft class at LBer is, I still think that Donnie Edwards will be here next year as a FA.
Draft a WR in the 3rd round in case Joe (cap # goes way up next year)isn't back and another middle round pick to replace Devery since he apparently can't stay out of Peytons doghouse.
TE unless there is a marquee guy via free agency Draft on Early if there is one there that warrants the selection

3) Do you think Joe Horn will be back next season or will he renegotiate his contract? I hope he is it would be ashame to see him go. He sometimes talks a little to much for my taste, but he is one hell of a warrior on the field i think you want this guy on your team.

4) Will Mike Mackenzie be back? Not wure what kind of cap hit they would take by letting him go. I still think is far and away our best corner but he is not a shutdown guy. I would like to see hi stay and pring in a true shut down guy on the otherside via FA.

That is all I could come up with for now let me know what you guys think.
1) Secondary and linebacker. I am not as concerned about wide receivers as most people. I think Horn will be a solid contributor for the next 2-3 years and you really can't project further ahead than that in the NFL. Henderson and Copper should get another year to prove themselves.

2) I agree with your formula of offensive through the draft and defensive through free agency. Of course, it all depends who is out there and who is willing to sign with your team. People will say adding Tony Gonzalez isn't a priority but if he's willing to come here and the Saints can't find a top flight corner or linebacker that will sign, you might as well spend the money on the best TE in the game.

3) I think he will be back. I think he'd be willing to renegotiate but from what I recall the cap space on his contract next year isn't as prohibitive as it is in 2008 to 2010.

4) Mackenzie might not be one of the leagues best but solid corners are few and far between in this league.
IMO, Corner is our biggest need. After that I'd look at linebacker. I am one of those who think we need to pick up a receiver or two. At QB, however, I think we're ok.:D
1) Definitely Linebacker first, as there will be some good ones coming out in the draft, then corner, and other depth on defense... our offense is pretty set, but i guess another young wr wouldn't hurt, especially if our scouts do another fine job of finding talent late in the draft. A TE would be nice, but we could handle that in free agency.

2) Joe is a franchise guy in the sense that you think saints when his name is mentioned. I believe if his health is good and we make the playoffs but dont win the super bowl he will come back for another year or two. He is old and will most likely retire if we dont make the playoffs or win the super bowl.

4) McKenzie is one of the better corners in the league. His game has changed in that he is more physical now. He use to be an int/cover guy a couple years ago which was great, but his more physical/bump and run also has advantages. Depending on what our philosophy on defense is for next year and what kind of personnel we bring in, its hard to say. We could very well bring in a nice 4.3/4.4 cover guy or a nate clements... whatever decision the front office makes i will be happy with, because they seem to know what they are doing.

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