SpaceX successfully test flies Dragon spacecraft (1 Viewer)


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Jan 22, 2000
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This morning SpaceX launched it's 2nd Falcon 9 rocket. This time it was carrying a Dragon space craft that will eventually be used to as a cargo ship for the International Space Station (ISS). Dragon was also designed to eventually be used as a manned spacecraft for ferrying people to ISS.

The flight just ended moments ago with a successful re-entry and splashdown in the Pacific ocean. This is the first time ever that a private company has run its own orbital spaceflight with a re-entry vehicle.

Next up are two more flights for 2011 with the Dragon capsule docking with the ISS for the first time.

SpaceX twitter feed:!/SpaceXer

SpaceX facebook:!/SpaceX

Not only is Dragon meant to be a re-usable space craft but the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket is meant to be re-usable. The last test flight was unsuccessful in recovering the 1st stage but it looks like they might be successful this time around. SpaceX reported that they got a radar contact and telemetry from the 1st stage as it was coming down. Something like that will greatly reduce the price of launching cargo and people into space...
i expect them to go for the iis docking on their next flight since their last few have been so successful.
i expect them to go for the iis docking on their next flight since their last few have been so successful.

Yea, NASA hasn't approved that yet but I think there is a very good chance that they will after the success of this flight.
Good news. Space exploration in my opinion has slowed quite a bit since the race in the 60's. We need another cold war competitor like the Russians were during that time to get things heated up again.

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