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Mar 4, 2003
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10 carries 49yrds 1td......we have been discussing whether it was because Bush was to small, to scared or just not ready for the NFL ground game yet, I think that Bush (rushing wise) had hit the "rookie wall" but instead of it being in the second half of the season I think it was in the first half, simply because I dont think he knew what it took to be an NFL Back, I think playing the Steelers may of woken Bush up, he ran well inside and outside, but gained most of his yards just by taking the ball making one cut and attacking the hole, if you watch on a couple runs, once he got in the hole he did a couple moves and gained a little more yartage, on the fumble he took the ball outside but once he saw defenders he cut it upfield to get what he could (but fumbled) I think that the talk that he wasnt big enough should be put to rest, I think the real question was "Is he tough enough" he showed it yesterday (to me) and I think physically he may not be a 220pd grinder but he is a tough and shifty 205pd explosion waiting to happen, His toughness is whats gonna get us a 1st down on 3rd and 1 (warrick dunn, tiki barber, marshall faulk, curtis martin, clinton portis) its toughness thats gets them the tough yardage they dont need to be 220pd guys, they didnt need to forget what got them here and hopefully Bush and co wont either, better blocking upfront will help also, but gaining weight will only take away and maybe make him injury prone...toughness and protecting the football is what he needs to work on.
Tiki Barber had a huge probem with fumbling earlier in his career.

Watch how he carries the ball now.
One of Reggie's weaknesses has been that he goes down too easy. He needs to build up his leg strength in the offseason.
he did put polamalu and that other guy out of the game

Amen! Well, actually they knocked themselves outta the game... it's the difference between you punching me and me knocking myself out with your fist... :) But anyway, yeah, people have been spearing him, taking dirty shots etc., and he's getting right back up and doing it again. I was very impressed with his toughness and drive.
One of Reggie's weaknesses has been that he goes down too easy. He needs to build up his leg strength in the offseason.

That'd be great - he'd gain a few pounds and still be fast/springy due to the proportional increase in strength. But I thought people were saying when he was coming out that he was already as big as he'd be muscle-wise. Can anybody clarify?
well i would say, leg strength would be the thing he would need to come into next season stronger, so that he can push the pocket a little or drive better on short yartage, I see that as the thing that will get him to 205-210 gaining leg strenght.
he could definately get some advice from tiki on ball control - lol

i was talking to my friend about that last night. he needs to do the fumble/strip drills that tiki did that last offseason before he stopped fumbling a lot.

i think it was running through a gauntlet of guys trying to strip him, and also attaching the ball to a bungie cord and running full speed while the bungie tried to rip the ball away from him.

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