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Hmm, that is interesting. Could be very good for us, seems as though they are puzzled by it. Of course you never know how that kid is gonna do. I seem to remember us being puzzled over trading Stallworth for some kid named Colston.
That "F" bomb kind if snuck up on me in that thread. Not that I'm Lilly White, but it reminds me how nice it is not having profanity clouding up good discussions at
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(11/9/06 9:06 am)
Reply Colston
The thought of Deshea running 5 yards behind the probable NFL Rookie of the Year as Colston scores another TD frightens me.

Be afraid!!!! Very afraid!!!!!! muhahahaha
That message board is trash. I can't believe it is not moderated even a little bit. As to Macfadden playing for Taylor, I'm glad as Ike is a up and coming corner who just had a bad game or two. It should help Colston or Horn to really exploit that secondary.
We're playing the stillers........don't you guys know how to spell stillers?
I thought for sure Townsend would have been benched. A real suprise to me that it was Taylor.

Neither Steelers CB has played well this season.
I went through that entire thread. Let me just say, with friends like that, who needs enemies? Good grief. Thank goodness for TOS and moderators to enforce them.

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