Still Wearing, Still Tearing (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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In an age of Gilliams run, the fun is made to be in old Tulane Staduim's sun
the age of revolt, the age of change, the age of 67,
It was peace and love in the park, the riots in Dallas, Fort Worth
but a birth was in place, like whiskey and old lace
the Saints in New Orleans were alive in a TD run burst of fire
the gallows of which many teams tried to make us expired.

We are 40 years old and still wearing and tearing
We hope we arent being too overbearing
We are the Gulf Coast's tradition and contradiction
We are winners, losers and sinners
the time hasnt become new for beginners

So 40 years old, we are beginning wiser but still bold
in a time of making me, I say we shall look at we
in the land of the death and the unknown
this Saintly ship is guided by the spirits of the Grateful DEad
and the Saints of new found fortune

Happy birthday New Orleans

Keep on for anothr 40 years and wearing and tearing

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