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Oct 8, 2004
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Do we have a plan on stopping the run, the last few game we have been getting run over.
Maybe those LBers don't feel like they have anything left to prove. They came out like gang-busters. They win a few games and next thing you know we get it shoved down our throat. Emotions!!!
We can stop the run, when our guys stay home they generally can stop the run fairly well. We always play Tampa close but we also play them tight. We need to just losen up and open it up and we can beat them by 14 points. If we let them hang around we could be in trouble.
Last time it was Reggie Bush saving the day, this time while I expect a few Michael Lewis long returns I think it will be the Deuce and Drew show on Sunday with the occasional Reggie Bush scamper on third down.
Fujita, Edwards, Briggs, Hows that for a plan?

Can't happen till next year but I think that should do it.
I've noticed that we stuff the run pretty well when teams go up the middle on us. The problem is that we get burned when teams go outside on us. Most of the big runs teams have gotten on us is when they go outside the tackles. All I can see is that is because our linebackers lack the speed. If that's the case there's really nothing we can do about that.

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