Take this Pole: If Sean Payton was still head coach of the Saints, could he win with Derek Carr at QB? (1 Viewer)

If Sean Payton was still head coach of the Saints, could he win with Derek Carr at QB?

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Mar 10, 2005
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Watching what Payton is doing in Denver with the Russell Wilson disaster, whilst also watching Derek Carr struggle to find consistency and find success in the red zone makes me miss watching Drew and Sean work magic.

What do you think?

Is sean the secret sauce?

Is Carr just a bottom mid-tiered QB that would never win, even with Payton calling plays?
As we have seen, play calling is a game within an game.

you call certain plays, with certain formations to get a bead on what the DC is attempting to do.

Pete learned nothing in this regard from SP. And i dont know that it can be "learned" more than it is a "feel" for how the opponent is attempting to defend your offense.

We dont take advantage of matchups. We dont put defenses in a "bind".

All you need to do is see Russell Wilson games 1-5 and now games 6-10. He didnt find fountain of youth. He didnt wake up and become that much better.

His head coach made the adjustments to take advantage of his strengths.

SP did it here with Hill, Bridegwater and Winston.

So yeah he would have this team playing much better ball than what we currently see.
No disrespect meant when I misspelled Taysom, Fat fingered it and cannot edit poll choices.
The Saints were the only team this weekend of football to NOT score a TD. Well, Carr actually did throw a TD but it was just to the other team.

There was a play in the 2nd possession where Carr missed Shaheed on a short middle route that caused him to fall backwards. Had Carr hit him in stride, IMO Shaheed would have caught the sidelines and scored. There was no one guarding him. After the miss, then came the pick 6 and everything went to shiza like the rest of the season.

The NFC south also has no good QB's. It's not just the Saints that stink at this position. It's like watching a pillow fight each week.

SP is an alpha coach. Dennis Allen is not. He would be chewing tail on the sidelines and don't think he would have even brought in Carr to begin with.
I'm pretty sure Carr wouldn't be in the conversation. I could see Sean sticking with Winston.
This is the conversation that I don't think many people take into consideration. If JW doesn't get hurt, CSP probably doesn't leave. The narrative that people tried to put around CSP leaving never really jived with reality.
I hate to be nitpicky but a POLE is what you fish with or raise your flag on.... The word you are looking for is POLL.... I don't think I've ever seen it spelled correctly on this forum...
There are a few idiosyncrasies this board has... one of them is the spelling of poll as pole, which is done on purpose. Same with adding "tacoes" to every poll...there are others you'll see mentioned along the way, like "pointy elbows", calling declaring shenanigans...
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Without Brees, Payton is 23-16 in meaningful games, not counting regular season finale throwaways.

5-0 with Bridgewater starting.
7-2 with Hill starting.
4-2 with Winston starting.
1-4 with Siemian starting.
0-1 with Book starting.
6-5 with Russell Wilson starting.

Not hard to believe that Payton would have swapped 3 or 4 of our current L's into W's right now with Carr at QB.
I don’t want to play this game. He’s gone and he’s never coming back.

It was magic at times, but also never forget the 3 straight years of 7-9. 7-9 two years before that. 9-8 in his final year. 8-8 and 7-9 in ‘07 and ‘08. Quite literally 9-7 when it comes to winning seasons. 9-6 if you want to throw out the suspension year.

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