Talk about disrespect! (1 Viewer)

Come on, we're facing a 2-6 team.
Both of those games are matchups of division rivals... so are the Rams/Seahawks, the Colts and Bills used to be, and the Giants/Bears game has lots at stake.
The Bills @ 3-5 or the Bucs @ the same 2-6? The analyst pick this to be the game toward our good but predictable 6-10 season.
I even heard one on ESPN say he didnt think we would make the playoffs.
I'm trying hard, but I really fail to see this disrespect you speak of.
The NFL Network and ESPN's analysts are two separate entities. ESPN drives bandwagons, whereas the NFL's home network is more even-keeled. The Colts have the best record in the league, so yes, watching them play will be intriguing until they lose, regardless the opponent. Again, CAR/TB got picked because the teams are rivals, which inherently drives up player emotion and thus makes the games more watchable. We have no rivalry whatsoever with Pittsburgh. If the Steelers were even 4-4, this game would eaily make their top 3, but they're considered dead in the water right now. I'm sure the Saints' presence in this game ultimately had no bearing on that writer's opinion.
Everyone, please read the article again - the article is highlighting division matchups...With apologies the ThaMain1 - could we stop with all of the disrespect talk, it's tiresome - the kind of thing that the undisciplined/loudmouthed characters in the league (Joey Porter, Terrell Owens, Ray Lewis, Mike Vanderjadt[sic], etc..) do regularly.

I admire the way the Saints handle themselves - we should, being their #1 fans, find ways to mirror that behavior. We are already the best fans - but we should make every attempt to become even better...
I do not see any disrespect at all. People in this country are becoming way too sensitive. What happened to people being humble and being able to laugh at themselves?

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