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Aug 8, 2002
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Petal, MS
Yeah, my girlfriend put my dog Boudin in this devil outfit. I thought it was wierd at first, but I must admit that I got a laugh out of him running around in that thing.
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He doesn't look too thrilled in that last pic. Or is that just the devil coming out?
That was him trying to bite the devil costume as I would pull it away at the last second.
I have a dachshund, too. He didn't appreciate his little vampire costume last night.
He didnt like it either after the first few minutes. Kept trying to reach behind himself and bite the cape, which resulted in him rolling around on the floor. It went something like this:

Pic 1- Liking the devil outfit and looking all proud of himself.
Pic 2- Getting a little tired of the devil outfit.
Pic 3- The devil outfit must DIE!
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we tried that with my pug last year...he tried to bite it his batman cape and like you said he rolled all over the floor and then just laid on his back until we took it off him
There is a special place in hell for people who dress up dogs...
I figured thats what you meant but its hard to tell on a MB. I also cant put smilies with my messages because I cant find em on this new board so its hard for folks to tell when Im joking. Like when I responded to MLU earlier saying "lucky for me I dont believe in hell" it probably looked like I was getting a little defensive, but I wanted to put the laughing smilie there to show it was a joke.

BTW, my dog doesnt walk around in clothes like one of Paris Hiltons poor fashion accessory dogs. This was a Halloween thing. At least my gf didnt go with the original costume she wanted for him, a hotdog and bun.

EDIT- Oh yeah, my dog does have one other shirt besides his devil outfit, but I bought that because it says something funny on it. I cant type exactly what it says here, but to put it in a way thats allowed it says The "Female Dogs" Love Me.
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