Thanksgiving/Turkey prank on rookies (2 Viewers)


May 29, 2007
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the swamp
On the Sean Payton show just now, they showed this years version of the turkey/thanksgiving prank where the rookies go to pick up turkeys from a local supermarket for other players and they have an actor behind the counter that gives them a hard time, acts like he doesn't know who they are, etc etc.

Jimmy Graham was telling the guy that he was starting, and the clerk was like, Jeremy Shockey is the tight end. Patrick Robinson calls Gregg Williams on the phone. The clerk tells Chris Ivory that Chris Ivory already picked up his turkey earlier and when he asked Ivory what position he plays, he said running back and the clerk says Reggie Bush is the running back and Chris is like Reggie hasn't even played in 6 weeks. etc

I'm sure most of you have seen the one from last year that was posted on here a while back.

Hopefully St. Chadwick will post the whole show so everyone can see!!!
Damn, our rookies are dumb, they keep on falling for this. You think one of them would catch on?
Can't beat the "Wolverine in a box" from a few years ago that they showed on the Thanksgiving broadcast, can't remember which teams.

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