The # 1 Offense In The NFL (1 Viewer)

How often do you see something like that? Indy, Philly, Cincy.....we have them all edged out. Can you just imagine what it is gonna look like next year with our O-line having the experience playing together, Brees, Colston, Henderson, Horn, Copper, MacAllister, Bush with another year under him, and a shored up Defense with the draft and F.A. It is a good time to be a Saints fan!!!
I hadn't realized that, thanks.
It's been quite a turn around this Payton could get coach of the year.
Can you imagine what this team would be like if the turnovers were just even?

Yep. We're actually middle of the pack giving it away but 2nd worst at taking it away. Our defense really needs a playmaker or two.
I woke up one day and we were the Rams. I don't wether to be happy or mortified.


Saints Offense (vs. entire NFL)
#1 averaging 402.5 yards per game.
#3 in total number of plays with 729 (Dallas 738)
#1 in Yards Per Play with 6.1 (tied with Eagles)
#4 in 3rd down efficiency with 45.5% (Indy 56.7%)
#9 in Time of Possession 30:51 (Dallas 33:00)
#6 in Points Per Game 25.1 (San Diego 32.1)
#29 in Turnover Differential -9 (Baltimore +15)

Saints Defense (vs. entire NFL)
#17 giving up 323.5 yards per game (Chicago 261.1)
#12 in total number of plays with 667 (Seattle 628 with a game to play; Dallas 635)
#19 in Yards Per Play with 5.3 (Chicago, Miami 4.4)
#18 in 3rd down efficiency 38.6% (Carolina 28.0%)
#9 in Time of Possession (inverse from offensive stat above)
#22 in Points Per Game 21.9 (Chicago 12.5)
just think if we had a relatively decent defense....

We really haven't had a good defensive unit in some time and just maybe this staff could pull something out of its hat for next season.
I agree lipstick. Made some comments in the other thread about it. I think Sunday was a good start. We mostly shut down the Falcons passing game and their running attack, and Vick compiled that 166 "getaway" yards in lieu of the other (mostly) shut-down facets of the game. I was encouraged that we only gave up 13 points to them.


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