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Hear (read) me out... I know that ALOT of people are content with Mark S playing MLB... and feel that he's doing a good job. But I ask you... does a MLB supposed to average 4.1 tackles per game (41 total... 22 solo 19 assisted)?

I mean c'mon...

Stats don't make the player, but as a MLB he should have better #s then that.

And don't give me that "Our big runs are on the edge and not up the middle"... if you feel that way, then tell me how many times you HAVEN'T seen MLBs like Urlacher, Ray Ray, Zach thomas, Al Wilson... and other MLBs make plays on the edge?

The MLB is responsible for filling the holes that are made when others eat up blocks.. Sim IS NOT the answer. I'm tired of seeing this guy get swallowed up by blockers. He's no good at shedding blocks.

I don't know if Clark will do any better becuase he only gets in there in GL situations, but I for one would love to see him in there with the base set. If he doesn't do any better then fine... at least the guy got his shot.

Oh well... if Payton is content with Sim in there, then I'll just have to deal with it and hope for the best as I have all season, but just for at least a quarter... give Clark (he's our only other option) a chance to see if there is any improvement.

Just my $0.02 anyway... :dunno:
I don't know, you may have a valid argument, but I'm not sure that LB is our primary area of concern any longer with this defense. I think we need to address the secondary first.
he is a smart player... on a lot of plays, i saw him tap the Dline a certain way or call out the plays perfectly.... he's got the brains which is the opposite of what he have had, all atheleticism, no brains... i like the smarts
Rome wasn't built overnight.

Payton has worked wonders with the load of crap roster he inherited. Think how bad this defense would be if we were starting the 'superstars' of last April (Buckwoldt / Fincher)....

In time....shore up the other safety spot, get some FA corner, get an athletic linebacker you could feature.
Sim IS NOT the answer.

I don't think Simoneau was ever supposed to be the longterm answer in the middle. There are only so many holes you can fill in one offseason with the money you have available. I think Loomis shot most of the available cash on Brees, so the front office hd to fill the rest of the holes with serviceable players until another arrangement can be made for those positions.

I think Simoneau has a chance to be with the team for several more years as a spot starter and backup at all three linebacker positions. He is not someone you want to start at any of the three every week, but he holds his own most of the time against arguably more talented players. You do that with determination, smarts and heart. I think you can win with people like that on your team. There is no doubt that I am with you, however, that the position could be upgraded talentwise with a guy that can be a stud at the position week in and week out. But it's tough to have studs at every position.

I think Simoneau and Clark will do until someone better comes along.
MLB's are usually a team's leading tackler. I haven't checked the stats but I seriously doubt Sim is leading the team in tackles.
MLB's are usually a team's leading tackler. I haven't checked the stats but I seriously doubt Sim is leading the team in tackles.

41 total... 22 solo and 19 assists...

and all I'm saying is give Clark a shot. Yes our secondary blows, but Chad's performance overshadowed Rudy Johnson's day... he had 111 yards on 27 carries (4.1 ypc)... if we stop the run we can probably get by in the secondary... what I'm saying is... Bullocks wouldn't have to bite so hard on the play action if he had more faith in the front 7 to stop the run. For a safety to bite like that he must think he'll proabaly have to make a tackle.

See what I'm sayin'?
1) Don't take this the wrong way, but I am having trouble wording this question without coming off rude. That is not my intent...Now that you have made an official thread about your feeling regarding Sim. Those same feelings that you and others have expressed every week, win or lose, whether he plays good or bad. Are you going to keep them contained here. It would be a good idea IMO. Kind of a vent on Sim thread every week. I mean sense this is the offical one and everything.

2) You are also wrong in you view that a MLB is supposed to fill holes and make the tackle. This does not happen all of the time. Often when a MLB plays in the box they are taking on a guard that is coming off a combo block of hitting the fullback head on while filling the hole so that SOMEONE else can make the tackle. That s not to say that a MLB should not get to the ball carrier when the ball is run up the middle, but often the role of the MLB is to take on the blockers so that others can make the play. Call it a tackle assist.

3) You mentioned wanting some of the best MLBs in the league on the team. I am sure all of the other teams want those guys playing for them too, but we do not have that on our roster. I am hoping for Pat Willis will be a Saint next year. I want him more than Edwards at this point, but I would not mind both for a couple of years.

4) Sim is a smart (as one else mentioned) and instinctive. He reads run/pass quickly and flows to the ball well. He is not the fastest guy out there and he does get caught in some trash when getting to the ball. He is also a sure tackler. How often are passes complete over the middle? Credit Sim for that.

5) I do not understand how you can blame Sim for the long runs to the outside before you blame the LBer on that side. Those runs have been off tackle and then continued to the outside. Could/should Sim be a part of making those tackles...sometimes he definitively should, but he is not the primary guy that fills that role. Again though he sould be able to get there IF and only if the rb has to slow down. Willie Parker ran clean through the line of scrimage. Not many MLBs are going to get there in that short of time.

60 Why so much attention on Sim in the first place? What is the main problem on defense? I would say giving up huge pass plays. Are guys gaining huge chunks up the middle? Not often. If you admit that the long runs have been to the outside why not demand one of our OLBs get replaced?
Droopy, it sounds like you're expecting play equivalent to the best in the business. We won't get that with ANY MLB on this roster. The LBs are very much a patchwork group culled from what was available at the time. I believe Payton and Gibbs know these players much better than anyone on this board.

I thought this thread was going to be about seeking new MLB(s) in the off-season which I am ALL for. We have solid depth on the roster now which makes the moves we've already made still GOOD moves.
Rugger, you made some really really really good points, IMO. Your right, We should be happy we have him and people should not blame things on him.
Our Linebackers DO need to step up. However, they're not going to make all the plays...and when they are have to have a SS come in and clean up the misses. Our problems have been when Omar Stoutmire comes in for the kill shot and absolutely whiffs on them. Stoutmire gets in the correct position to make the tackles, but manages to miss half of the tackles. I know he's in there because of injury...but he is a major reason for runs longer than 5-7 yards.
Rome wasn't built overnight.

Payton has worked wonders with the load of crap roster he inherited. Think how bad this defense would be if we were starting the 'superstars' of last April (Buckwoldt / Fincher)....

In time....shore up the other safety spot, get some FA corner, get an athletic linebacker you could feature.

Defintely. Just think what this team can be next year with a focus on defense in FA and the draft? The offense can score on anybody, if they could put a solid D together I think they could dominate next year.
If Simoneau could shed blocks he would be an all-pro. Once an offensive player gets their hands on him he is sometimes completely taken out of the play. I do believe as of now he is the best MLB the Saints have. I wouldn't mind an upgrade once the season is over though.
The nonsense about Danny Clark needing to play is just old.

There's a better argument to be made that Clark has no business playing in goal-to-go situations any more, since he's been destroyed by play action over the last few weeks. It's not like his coverage has been weak--it's been non-existent.

Simoneau is an aging player, and he isn't meant to be the long term solution at linebacker. That said, he's probably the best middle linebacker we've had in years. I realize that's not saying much, but it's still true.
I thought you wanted a Major League Baseball thread:confused:

It's been a really long day!

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