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Mar 4, 2003
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Ann Arbor Michigan
I know we are tired of hearing about "Reggie needs to run inside" "Someone needs to teach Reggie how to run inside" threads, so this will be my last one...when Reggie was at USC he would train in the offseason with Tomlinson..I really think this year after having a year in his belt and knowing what to improve on he will go back and train with Tomlinson and become a better runner (inside and out) i'm wondering if they still even talk though cause you havent heard much about there relationship since he has been in the NFL but never the less even if he doesnt train directily with LT he needs to watch LT tape its not that he needs to be bigger (please dont put on weight) but he needs to be stronger in his thighs and that could be an additional 5pds for his career he should stay between 205-210pds (5'11)...I know nobody wants to wait until next year to see Reggie get a 100yrd game or even a 75yrd game, but its looking that way.

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