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Eh, whatever.
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Jul 11, 2001
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It's a very remote possibility but at their current clips Joe would end up with just over 1000 and Devery would have about 890. If Devery can explode in a couple of games he could reach it. Colston should hit the mark pretty easily once he's back from injury.

I doubt that it'd happen, especially with us becoming more balanced but it's fun to think about. :D
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And if Deuce and Reggie can keep it up, we could be the first team with not just four, but five guys with 1,000 yards from scrimmage.

But I'll just take the wins.
I believe the Colts did it during Manning's record TD season. I'm not 100% on that though.
3 or 4 teams have had 3 1,000 yard WRs and a 1,000 yard back. 1 other team had 2 1,000 yard backs and 2 1,000 yard WRs. None have had 5 in any combination so far as I know.
Devery won't get so many yards when Colston gets back. I don't think 1000 is possible for him.
The Colts did it in 2004 with Harrison, Wayne and Stokely.
prolly wont happen but aint this way better than most discussions we've had at this time of year with past seasons?!?!?!


Oh and Devery will get 1,000 yards, write it down!!!

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