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Sep 25, 2006
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Anyone have experience buying tickets outside of the Dome? Do these crazy asking prices I see hold up? In the past the prices would bottom out as you got like 10-15 mins before kickoff. Is that still the case or do the potential buyers so far outnumber the sellers that the prices (2x or 3x face) hold up. I'd like to go out there today but I'm not going to pay $100 for a ticket someone paid $14 or $25 for. I'd pay face for just about anywhere.
lol I had two extra tickets to the Tampa game that I sold to one of those guys. They were $35 single game tickets - I took $60 for them so had the guy sold them he would have made at least $10. He was complaining though because the ticket was a season ticket and had the $25 price on it - he said I could go to jail. I told him fine, I won't sell them. LOL --- They were seperated though and he didn't sell them... I thought that was the best part :D

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