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Saintree River

Jul 9, 2003
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I know the game is not technically over but with one quarter left. I dont think we will be coming back today. Although this is a fresh wound, I will try to be objective about it. I figured we would not come our of the game with a W. We simply had too much time off to absorb the media attention and we have shown that we can play poorly at any time (see first half of GB and TB games). Raven had an unusually good game on offense and everything went their way. I think we can all agree that this was by far our sloppiest game of the season. Its been a years since I saw a Saints game that was over before the 4th quarter. So I am thankful for that. Athough I think that the comparison to 2002 may be a little off. Todays team looks like the 2005 team. Turnovers and penalties and swiss cheese defense. I hope that this is just one game and we have not been exposed. We have a brutal remainder of the season. The good thing is, we will get to see what knd of team and coaching staff we really have. If they fold up and revert to 2002 Saints then there is not much reason for hope but if we come out strong and prove it was just one game then we will know they are for real. Lately we have been playing over our head and now we will be back to our underdog role. Hopefully we can still make out playoff run. Todays game was terrible but it might be just what we needed.
yeah today was a complete embarrassment. we are better than this. I agree we let the media circus get to our heads, and it had the effect of firing up the Ravens. Now that we are back to reality, I look for us to regroup and get it together and make a strong fight for the rest of the season. But I still feel bad for the fans who paid to watch the game today.
*** the media, i hope they never pick us again, all they do is jump on the team that is hot, if they think we are not a good team after today then *** the media, and this one is not over, we will are still in it
I am sure Peyton will emphazie how we went from the penhouse to the outhouse to his doghouse.

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